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Stomydd Tân 2012

Entrant list 30/04

  1. Adam Bassett - Legion of Azgorh (Chaos Dwarfs)
  2. Darren Hazelden - Vampire Counts
  3. Lee Delaney - Orcs & Goblins
  4. Edd Hamon - Lizardmen
  5. Simon Mendonca - No list
  6. Andy Avery - Orcs & Goblins
  7. Jon Warmington - Lizardmen
  8. Richard Ciereszko - Warriors of Chaos
  9. Ian Sturgess - High Elves
  10. Matt Haggett - Vampire Counts
  11. James Hopkinson - Wood Elves
  12. Matt Ansell - Ogres
  13. Joel Smith - Dark Elves
  14. Andrew Lewis - Daemons of Chaos
  15. Declan Waters - Vampire Counts
  16. Sean Gill - Daemons of Chaos
  17. Ian Hapgood - No list
  18. Brian Treherne - Daemons of Chaos
  19. Tom Hale - Skaven
  20. Dave Sweeting - Orcs & Goblins
  21. Andrew Parker - No list
  22. Annie Norman - Vampire Counts
  23. Michael Pritchard - Bretonnia
  24. Jasif Dutka - Lizardmen
  25. Rhys Bennett - Ogres 
  26. Matt Yeo - Ogres
  27. Gareth Stoneham - High Elves
  28. Mark Saunders - Dwarfs

Border Princes present Stormydd Tân 2012

Date: Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th May

Where: Firestorm Games in Cardiff (see for more details) 

Cost: £25
Lunch and refreshments are included in the cost of your ticket

Rules Pack: here

As Downfall is becoming our friendly Christmas event we are now looking to make our Summer event Stormydd Tân more competitive. As such we have decided we will be using the ETC rules pack, but without the team elements. We will be using pre-set non-magical terrain, army comp, general rulings and restrictions, etc.

Accommodation within walking distance:

The Bunk House

Nos Da

River House Back Packers


Another Travelodge


The Big Sleep

Premier Inn


Plus many many more.

Maximum number of players: 60

Army Selection Rules: See ETC 2012 Rules Pack here

Prizes available will be:

    -Tournament Champion – The player with the highest overall total Tournament Points over both events.
    -Best Army - Judges Choice – An award at each event for that army that has had loads of work put into it, has lots of fine detail, loads of minor customisations, but always seems to be missed by the players.
    -Best Army - Players Choice – Voted by your fellow contestants at Stormydd Tân this is an award for that army that makes you just stand back and say “Wow!”
    -Most Sporting Player – Chosen by the judges to be the player that plays in the true spirit of Warhammer at each event.

Booking Info:
To book contact Firestorm Games on 02920 227117 or you can buy tickets directly through the Firestorm games website here
You will need to provide:

    -Full Name
    -Contact Telephone Number
    -Email (if possible)
    -Club (if applicable)

If you have any questions please PM or Reply and I will get back to you ASAP.