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Downfall 2011

posted 5 Jul 2011, 04:11 by Rhys Bennett   [ updated 14 Dec 2011, 04:28 ]
Border Princes present Downfall 2011

Firstly cheers guys for showing up, hope you all had a good time.

A big thank you to all the people who helped out and now on to the results:

1. Nick Pym Daemons Of Chaos 
3. Matt Yeo Orcs & Goblins 
4. Scott Lines Empire
5. Mohammed Ashraf Lizardmen
6. Russ Veal Warriors Of Chaos
7. Ed Symons Lizardmen 
8. Joel Smith Dark Elves
9. Tom Ogden Ogre Kingdoms
10. Caz Zifat Dark Elves 
11. Walter Simpson Vampire Counts
12. Mark Saunders Dwarfs 
13. Keron Tucker Empire 
14. Chris Tomlin Dark Elves
15. Ben Hunter High Elves
16. Gareth Stoneham High Elves
17. Lee Delaney Orcs & Goblins 
18. Bryn Bennett Dark Elves 
19. Brian Treheren Daemons Of Chaos
20. Ian Hapgood High Elves 
21.Tony Evans Bretonnia
22. Mark Kelly Dwarfs 
23. Andy Russell Skaven 

Downfall 2011

24. Howard Richardson Empire
25. Matt Lee Daemons Of Chaos 
26. Peter Dunning Warriors Of Chaos 
27. David Garwood Vampire Counts
28. James Craven Dark Elves 
29. Matt Clarke Ogre Kingdoms 
30. Annie Norman Vampire Counts
31. James Darcy Lizardmen 
32. Darren Hazelden Daemons Of Chaos
33. Andrew Lewis Vampire Counts
34. Tim Banford Ogre Kingdoms 
35. Joe Hadfield Bretonnia
36. Martin Briggs Wood Elves
37.Patrick O Sullivan Lizardmen
38. Kevin Gillet Bretonnia 
39. Simon Bromely Lizardmen 
40. Shane Quinn Wood Elves

As with last years event, it's an event for the whole family, the new St David's Centre opened in Cardiff makes it one of the top 10 shopping destinations in the UK. The Winter Wonderland Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans as well as with the beautiful Cardiff Bay mean there's plenty enough to keep the whole family happy whilst you enjoy a good bit of guilt free Warhammer with the rest of us :D

Entrant list 09/11
1.Andrew Lewis
2.Joel Smith
3.Brian Treheren
4.Bryn Bennett 
5.Lee Delaney 
6.Matt Yeo 
7.Dave Powell 
8.Mark Saunders
9.Keron Tucker 
10.Ben Hunter
11.James Darcy 
12.Jack Russell
13.Tim Banford 
14.Kevin Gillet 
15.Simon Bromely
16.Mark Saunders
17.Gareth Stoneham
18.Rhys Bennett
19.Ian Happgood
20.Darren Hazelden
21.Jon Warrington
22.Walter Simpson
23.Daryl Bennet
24.Kristian Robertson
25.David Garwood
26.Edward Symons
27.James Craven
28.Craig Jones
29.Chris Tomlin
30.Tom Ogden 
31.Peter Dunning
32.Matt Clarke
33.Scott Lines
34.Ben Diesel
35.Joe Hadfield
36.Matt Lee
37.Caz Ziafat
38.Tony Evans
39.Nick Pym
40.Dan Heelan
41.Bryan Carmichael
42.Annie Norman
43.Howard Richardson


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Rules Pack: Can be found here

Where: Firestorm Games in Cardiff (see for more details)

Date: Saturday 3rd Dec - Sunday 4th Dec

Cost: £25 and if you have been to either Downfall or Stormydd Tân before you'll receive a
£5 gift voucher to spent in store at Firestorm Games.

Refreshments: A buffet lunch is provided and included as part of your ticket. There will also be a BBQ on the Saturday night. Drinks will also be available, but feel free to bring your own.

Points Value: 2500 points

Army Restrictions: details can be found in the rules pack here

Maximum number of players: 50


There will be a number of prizes available, with a particular focus on Sportsmanship (well it is the season of good will). Prizes will include:

• Tournament Champion
• Tournament Runner-Up
• Best in Race
• Best Army
• Best Army
• Most Sporting Player
• Wooden Spoon

The event and results will be registered with Rankings HQ and based upon overall Tournament Points, consisting of Battles played, Painting, Sportsmanship and other "soft scores" outlined later in the rules pack.

General Info:

Terrain is provided (though feel free to bring some for your army presentation purposes)
Parking available on site
There are vending machines for coffee, drinks and snacks
There will be cake!

Booking Info:

To book contact Firestorm Games on 02920 227117 or you can but a tickets directly through the Firestorm games website at

You will need to provide:

Full Name
Contact Telephone Number
Email (if possible)
Club (if applicable)

Friday Night Gaming:
Firestorm Games will be open on the Friday night until 10pm for some pre-Downfall fun and games. There are loads of other games systems played at Firestorm including Warmachine, Hordes, Bloodbowl, Flames of War to name but a few and we have our very own Henchman for Malifaux; for those that would like to try it we can organise an intro game for you.


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If you have any questions please reply on The Warhammer Forum