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Downfall 2012

Border Princes present Downfall 2012 

Once again Firestorm Games and the Border Princes will be hosting Downfall. It's a little later than our usual first weekend in December slot, but seen as there's international Rugby then it makes getting a hotel a real problem. As with previous Downfall events, it's an event for the whole family, the St David's 2 Centre in Cardiff makes it one of the top 10 shopping destinations in the UK. The Winter Wonderland, Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans as well as the beautiful Cardiff Bay mean there's plenty enough to keep the whole family happy whilst you enjoy a good bit of guilt free Warhammer with the rest of us  Hotels at present are available and cheap. 

Rules Pack: Downfall 2012 Rules Pack

Where: Firestorm Games in Cardiff (see herefor more details) 

Date: Saturday 15th Dec - Sunday 16th Dec 

Cost: £25 

Refreshments: A buffet lunch is provided and included as part of your ticket. There is a fully licensed bar and vending machines at Firestorm. 

Points Value: 2500 points 

Army Restrictions: details can be found in the rules pack released on 5th September 

Maximum number of players: 50 


There will be a number of prizes available. Prizes will include: 

-Tournament Champion – The player with the highest overall total Tournament Points. 
-Best Army - Judges Choice – An award for that army that has had loads of work put into it, loads of minor customisations but always seems to be missed by the players. 
-Best Army - Players Choice – Voted by your fellow contestants for that army that makes you just stand back and say “Wow!” 
-Most Sporting Player – Chosen by the judges to be the player that plays in the true spirit of Warhammer. 
-Best in Race - For the player who achieves the highest Tournament Points for each race. 
-Best Team - An award for the team with the highest average Tournament Points for their top three players (though teams may consist of more than 3 players, only the average of the top 3 scores will be taken) 
-Wooden Spoon - They are a speciality in Wales after all   

Spot prizes will also be given out on both days. 

The event and results will be registered with Rankings HQ and based upon overall Tournament Points, consisting of Battles played, Painting, Sportsmanship and other "soft scores" outlined later in the rules pack. 

General Info: 

Terrain is provided (though feel free to bring some for your army presentation purposes) 
Free Parking available on site (though limited to about 15 cars) 
There will be cake! 

Booking Info: 

To book contact Firestorm Games on 02920 227117 or you can but a tickets directly through the Firestorm games website at 

You will need to provide: 

Full Name 
Contact Telephone Number 
Email (if possible) 

Friday Night Gaming: 
Firestorm Games will be open on the Friday night until 10pm for some pre-Downfall fun and games. There are loads of other games systems played at Firestorm including Warmachine, Hordes, Bloodbowl, Flames of War to name but a few and we have our very own Henchman for Malifaux; for those that would like to try it we can organise an intro game for you. 


Please be aware that hotel rooms are currently nice and cheap but price and availability will start to change when getting closer to Christmas, so make sure you book up the rooms quickly. The hotels below are linked to appropriate hotels and at the time of writing are available. 

Premier Inn 

The Bunk House - 
NosDa - 
Nomad - 
The River House - 

If you have any questions please PM or Reply and I will get back to you ASAP.