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Clash of Comrades (C.O.C.) 2011

posted 15 Jul 2011, 14:21 by Rhys Bennett
Location: Firestorm Games, Cardiff 
Date: 24th July 2011 
Times: 9 00 AM until 6 30 PM 

1000 points per player (2000 points per side) 
No restrictions on who can side with who. 
No named models. 
No doubling up on army specific items (common items are ok) 
No power scroll or TK equivalent. 
No painting restrictions (unpainted is fine). 

Alliance information: 
Armies share a general but have their own BSBs (apart from in scenario 1). 

Winner is team with most VPs earned. 

1. Dawn Attack - The initial skirmish on the outskirts of the allies territories. The allied armies are disorganised, the troops are unsure as to who the actual commander of the respective forces is. In this battle each army has its own general. 

2. The Watchtower - After winning a mighty victory, the aggressors press on. An outpost of the defenders is being attacked, a force has been sent to relieve the beleaguered defenders. This game is played over 6 turns (not 4+). The players in control of the watchtower at the end of the game gain 500 VPs. 

3. Battleline - The final battle is here, the alliances have proven themselves, disciplined and organised lines are drawn. 

No tickets just show up on the day and pay for play if your not a Firestorm member. 

Food will NOT be provided, although there is a vending machine and takeouts can be ordered. 

9:00 - 9 30: Sign on and Registration. 
9 30 - 12 00: Game 1 
12 30 - 3 00: Game 2 
3 30 - 6: Game 3 

NOTE: This is a very friendly event, the greatest prize the winners get is respect, so if you win with the downright filthiest and most boring list then well you haven't really won at all now have you? (stern look). Try to keep others enjoyment in mind when deciding alliances, the free for all on alliances is to allow any friends to play together, not to allow you to come up with the most dastardly pairing. That being said, any list is welcome within the boundaries of the rules. 

For more information contact Chris 'Astro' Smith at